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For the offense to be considered rape in the second degree, the perpetrator must commit vaginal intercourse with the victim under any of the following circumstances: Attempt to commit rape in the second degree is also a felony.

Date rape can either be charged as first or second degree rape, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Third degree sexual assault is a felony and is defined as engaging in any form of sexual contact, short of rape, without the victim’s consent, when the offender uses any dangerous weapon.

It also includes sexual contact with mentally disabled victims and certain statutory rape charges.

Zip, Binco, Prolaps, Sub Urban, Victim, and Didier Sachs are now all available in Crazy Bob Cops and Robbers.Fourth degree sexual assault is generally a misdemeanor.This includes non-felonious sex offenses where the aggressor is in a position of power such as in the workplace, in a school, or if the accused is at least four years older than an underage victim.This has several classifications based on the type of conduct and the relative ages of the perpetrator to the victim.There are other minor-related sex charges, the most common of which include solicitation (or trafficking for sex) of a minor and inappropriate touching.

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All of these can be initially charged as a lower offense and the indictment could later be amended to statutory rape once the prosecution completes its investigation.

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