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The official laying of new workhouse's foundation stone took place on 1st March 1900.

The ceremony, which took place in alrge marquee, was led by Alderman Hardy (Chairman of the Guardians) accompanied by the Bishop of Marlborough who conducted a religious service.

[Up to 1834] [After 1834] [Staff] [Inmates] [Records] [Bibliography] [Links] Twickenham may have had a workhouse in operation by 1726.

The parish of St Mary, Ealing, erected a new workhouse in 1727-28 west of St Mary's Lane (now Road).

In 1816, the regime appears to have been rather harsher than in earlier years, with inmates receiving only 16 ounces of meat per week and their work including the cleaning up of sewage.

It was also claimed that the overseers had been too lax in their duties, and that there were too many people being supported by the parish in the workhouse which at this time contained 7 men, 19 women, and 26 children.

In 1791, the master, Joseph Smith, was dismissed for having an improper relationship with a young woman inmate who then revealed she thought she was pregnant.

Four years later, the master and matron were discharged for not keeping order in the workhouse.

In 1895-1902, the workhouse was totally rebuilt with an infirmary being erected on the site of the previous workhouse, and the new much larger workhouse placed to the south-east on land adjoining Brentford District School.

The new buildings were based on a pavilion block layout designed by WH Ward of Birmingham.

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The workhouse regime appears not to have been too severe, with adequate beds and reasonable meals — in 1759-60, the inmates had three meat dinners a week and up to three and a half pounds of meat per head. The workhouse inventory included four spinning-wheels with which the inmates produced a fairly coarse woollen yarn.

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