G dragon dating

Posted by / 03-Nov-2017 10:41

According to the article and photos provided, G-dragon and Lee Joo-yeon were spotted visiting each other’s houses.The two also reportedly traveled to Jeju Island together in last December.Following its annual release of dating news involving Korean celebrities, Dispatch once again took the Internet by storm on January 1 when the popular entertainment website revealed that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and former After School member Lee Jooyeon are indeed dating.The news isn’t exactly unheard of since the two idols have been involved in dating rumors for quite some time.Lee Joo-yeon appeared on MBC drama ‘Sister-in-Law’, which finished its last episode on June 5 last year. [ 78, -3] I remember when their Kwai video went up, fans were defending it saying they're just friends.

G-Dragon was formerly dating Japanese actress Mizuhara Kiko while Lee Joo Yeon dated actor and sometimes rapper So Ji Sub for a few years.Reporters also claim to have seen and taken photos of the idols’ cars in said apartment buildings.On December 15, G-Dragon was also spotted heading to Gimpo Airport in his Rolls Royce and was reported to have taken a 2 PM flight to Jeju Island.Although Sulli is dating publily rumours still flooded in about possible relationship with Gdragon after similarities where again spotted between the two’s SNS.It was brought back to light recently when both were spotted hanging together with a bunch of other friends.

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