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In the hours and days that followed, prosecutors said, soldiers forced the women into sexual and domestic slavery at a military base near the village of Sepur Zarco.In 2012 evidence to support that story was found when the body of a missing man was identified among the skeletons at Tinajas.Asig and Giron, the nameless bones and the covered women — all of it marked a bold new phase in Guatemala’s efforts to hold former military officials accountable for crimes committed during the country’s brutal civil war.During that war, which lasted from 1960 to 1996, battles between the state and Marxist guerrillas often served as impetus and cover for massacres that left an estimated 200,000 people dead and another 45,000 missing — the vast majority of them civilians.

According to the prosecution, in August 1982, Guatemalan soldiers responded to a Maya land-rights campaign by raiding valley communities and taking many men — including the husbands of six of the women in the courtroom — to Finca Tinajas, never to be seen again.

GUATEMALA CITY — When the audience filed into the courtroom, they found 38 boxes in three rows, sealed with masking tape and marked “Finca Tinajas.” It was Feb. A blouse, colored blue, with flowers.” Next to each garment, archaeologists laid little paper bags.

9, the seventh day of the Sepur Zarco trial in Guatemala City’s Palace of Justice. Inside the bags were human bones dug up with the clothing from the former military base at Finca Tinajas, in northeastern Guatemala.

Sitting at the defense table, Asig sat with his head tilted toward the floor in apparent boredom.

Reyes Giron flipped through case documents with one hand, his other arm clasped tight over his gut.

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Rosa Tiul, one of several Q’eqchi women who testified by videotape, said that after soldiers would return from patrols in search of families who had fled to the mountains, they would go to her house and rape her at gunpoint.