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I have the great advantage of staying in a hotel where my room is on the twenty-first floor looking east toward the Bund and Pudong, while the breakfast room on thirty-eighth floor has views to the south and west.

These have been my primary impressions since arriving in Shanghai yesterday.

Now I am going to head out on a biking tour to see what it is like at street level!

And unlike a Chicago or New York or Los Angeles, the buildings are not concentrated in only one or two locations.The best part of the exhibition was the HUGE model of the entire urban core – probably the most impressive model of its kind I have ever seen (click for video, Shanghai Urban Expo).I spent more than a half hour just walking around the model and taking in the different features of the city.But perhaps the most important change for the city came after the Opium Wars, when the British forced the Chinese to open certain ports to trade in the Treaty of Nanking.As a result, the British, French, and Americans ultimately established concessions outside Shanghai’s city walls.

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One potential downside is the isolation of peoples living in these somewhat more sterile environments.