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Otherwise she would have no conflict about leaving Rogelio.Now that she has given her word to trying for a relationship, has really kissed him, and is beginning to have feelings for him, it's not going to be so easy. Rogelio and Ana Paula share a moment of cordiality as Rosaura must explain to the two of them what old, dear friend is in the hospital at death’s door she needs to see back in Tuxtla. "We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with! " -- riberajoe In the hot ‘n happenin’ mini-metropolis of San Gabriel, Michael and Maripaz enjoy their first—and their second—kiss together, leading Viewerville to assume that M&M are now an item and marked for each other.It’s not her fault he married her best friend instead of the boss’s daughter, he says. Quite a few watchers just couldn't take it anymore and dropped out this week - from actually watching, that is. I reorganized a bit and made this new link which should always take you to the latest episode.Pau says money won’t be necessary (I say speak for yourself, sister! The two of them start to open up a bit and talk about their friendships with Dani and Bruno. Bruno was once his friend, later a marriage prospect for his sister, and then he ended up Rog’s employee. Rog explains that Bruno resented his buying their family’s hacienda. The crook needs money and is reduced to purloining purses to get his pesos, but yet he can afford a cell phone? She feels emotionally pulled between supporting Mama and forgiving Daddy. Sucks to be you, babe.)That night, on her way back to the hotel (we suppose) Sin run’s into Effer who is trying his best to shower her with compliments and win back her lagging affections. She gives him grief over not being around when she nearly got attacked and robbed earlier. He was told to bring the truck around and drive her, he says. She mentions over coffee that Esteban has gone back with his ex-wife. I suspect the comments party will last quite a while longer. Meanwhile, here is a link to a dump of the caption data from the episode. There is also a link for looking at older ones (there is a week's worth there now).She never came back for him and she never returned. I have a feeling as the novela progresses we will find that many of the reasons for Rohell's bad behavior have some validity or are at least understandable form his pov (i.e.AP says well, with a description perhaps somebody around there in town or the area would know something. Anyway, Maria had Ulises put a notice in his store window, but nobody ever responded. “—Why did that woman ever have to come to my hacienda? ” AP looks over at him and ask why he sounds so enraged? Margaro causing his accident, the truth about Bruno's hacienda, his lack of confidence in Cynthia).

Gentleman Gus absorbs the warm words of praise and gallantly offers to take her to Big Sis, The Nurse, to get Sin’s arm cleaned up and bandaged. ) Rosie says he’s now at Death’s door and is quick to refuse AP’s offer to go with her to Tuxtla by suggesting that now that AP and Ro-Hell are getting along so much better her job there is done, and Pau's place is with hubby.Speaking of Tuxtla, Gustavo is walking through the same parking lot as Cinthia just as she’s about to be assaulted. ” Thug Dude is surprised by Gus but pulls a pistol out of his pocket and shoots. --That sighing sound is actually Team Gus deflating.) El Destino takes over and there’s an immediate attraction for each other which is made obnoxiously obvious by the uber-long screen shots of their googly-eyed grinning from ear to ear at each other.He immediately intervenes and stops her attacker—wouldn’t you know—the same thug with the worm-shaped scar on his neck who, under Bruno’s orders, beat Gus up and left him for dead. Though he misses Gus, he buys enough time to escape. He returns to Sin who, except for a nasty sprain and scrape on her arm, is safe and sound. Back at Hacienda del Fuerte, aka Hell-Fuerte, Tía Menti Rosa, is playing long and loose with the truth as she explains that the person is a man she could have married.She sacrificed that “love” for Mikey and her, though. Rosie doesn’t come across as the benevolent kind to him. Pau adds that after all the years of sacrificing for them, now that Mentia Rosie is ill and cannot work, she wants to take care of her.Pau’s dimples sparkle naively and as appreciatively as ever that again Ro-Hell doesn’t demand the last word on the subject. At TOHIT, Gus fills Big Sis in on how he and Esteban are trying to stop Big Dave’s hotel from being finished because of the numerous building violations.

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Mersnotty’s tells the two of them--Sin, having passed Big Sis’s snoot’n smell test--to go without her. At Hell Fuerte in the kitchen, AP tells Mikey that Menti Rosie’s going back to Tuxtla and why. Maripaz doesn’t admit to half the stuff they discussed--not that any girl in her right mind ever would—or to how serious things have gotten between her and Uni-brow Boy. Pau blames herself for all Dani’s problems, and says she’ll try helping. Anyway, they are taken by the moment and the moment screams, “Mouth-meld! In the meantime, I want to thank Elvira, Alexandra and 5 ft. I am giving up on ET, I just don't have time, so I watch nothing at night and record Podia and watch it the next morning.