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Londoners usually drop their aitches and "At" stands for Hat i.e. Andrew from Norwich is right: in Finland @-sing is called (colloquially) miuku-mauku, or, alternatively, miumau, which actually referres to the sound that a cat makes (miaow) and @ thus symbolizes the figure of a cat curled up. I agree with what said before: @ means "at £ each" and the fact that we have started using in email addresses does not mean that its name as "commercial at" should be discarded, but for ease and speed of conversation in everyday exchange of email addresses we perhaps should adopt the grammatically correct version of "ampersat" which, from the semantic point of view, means "instead of (at)".

If pilots and the police can have special terminologies for clear communication, then I would like to propose an easy, relevant and linguistically distinguishable subtitute for the confusing 'at' naming. This makes my email address, read over the phone, into "cassidys nerd cix dot compulink dot co dot uck". I can't find it in the dictionary but it does seem to have gained widespread acceptance.A local game show here said that the official name of the at-sign is "amphora" taken from the name of a jar they used in the ancient medterranean to measure volume of things they would trade (where the @ symbol was supposedly first used).If it wasn't just the "at" symbol I'm sure somebody would have told us by now.Tambm de frente, PPM, ela beija muito, muito linda, corpo. Estive tambm graas aos comentrios do forum fui conhec-la.Antes de gozar, paramos e fomos tomar gua, brincar um pouco pelados na casa e tal. ) e como sou massagista com curso, resolvi agradecer toda a cordialidade dela e fazer uma massagem no balco da casa dela mesmo. Parece filha dos nossos velhos amigos , menina que na rua ningum aponta o dedo dizendo que trans.

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It has been traced back to the Italian Renaissance in a Roman merchantile document signed by Francesco Lapi on 1536-05-04. This information is from The Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing.