Single Frederikshavn

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Single Frederikshavn

Skagen reached a peak population of 14,050 in 1980, after which it gradually declined. Thanks to the artistic community which still remains in Skagen, the local arts and crafts trade remains important to the income of the town with its numerous crafts shops and galleries.Chains such as the international jeweller Skagen Designs have branches in the town, and given the abundance of fresh fish coming in at the port of Skagen, seafood forms a staple in Skagen's restaurants.Originally the name was applied to the peninsula but it now usually refers to the town itself.The settlement began in the Middle Ages as a fishing village, renowned for its herring industry.) is Denmark's northernmost town and the area surrounding it.

In 2005 the current Siemens Desiro was set in, and between Skagen and Hulsig, the maximum speed in The Skagen line runs north from Frederikshavn, following the tracks of the Vendsyssel Line out of the city.They built the summer residence Klitgaarden, completed in 1914.Between the 1930s and 1950s the town grew rapidly, with the population more than doubling from 4,048 in 1930 to 9,009 in 1955.Work on the railway line started on July 26, 1889, and the railway was opened on July 24, 1890.Until 1924 it was a narrow gauge railway, and trains could maximum drive .

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