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A microphone and speaker let you talk to the dog or get an alert when the dog’s barking.And Furbo has one more trick up its sleeve: before you go out, fill the device with treats.Buy now The new Eve Degree is an attractive, tiny weather sensor.It has an anodised aluminium case and is easy to set up: turn it on, download the Elgato Eve app and point your i Phone’s camera (it’s only compatible with Home Kit) at the code printed on the bottom. The Degree has water-resistance so it can be placed outdoors or in.Then it can calculate the cost of the switch’s usage. Buy now Ever wondered what Fido does during the day?Furbo is a smart dog camera which lets you see what your dog’s up to, when they’re in front of the lens.She will also tell you a joke, confirm sports scores, convert pounds to kilograms and so on.The multi-directional speakers in the Echo can be used for playing music, too, though this is not hi-fi quality.

Available for pre-order now for delivery within a few weeks. Buy now Google’s smart speaker looks more striking than Amazon’s Echo and does many of the same things as soon as you’ve caught its attention by saying “Okay, Google”.Other companies have their own systems, such as Panasonic and Samsung.They are not compatible with each other, so make sure your gadget of choice works with your system. The Google-owned Nest, for instance, does not work with Apple.You can set a schedule, though for the first few days it notes when you turn the heating on and off and creates a suitable timetable automatically. Installation by a Nest-approved agent is quick, simple and only adds £50 to the price.It doesn’t work with every kind of heating but the website is pretty comprehensive and guides you through crucial details.

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Google Home and Amazon Echo are hardware hubs, but Apple Home Kit means gadgets from Elgato, Philips, Honeywell, Netatmo and more are controlled using the Home app in the i Phone, i Pad and Apple TV (until December, that is, when the just-announced Apple Home Pod smart speaker goes on sale).